Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sexy cover! Operation Santa's Elf is a #FREE download from author @allysonlindt

I love this cover! So sparkly and red for the holidays. And it's a free read to boot! Download fromteh author's site here:

Here's more about the story:

Everyone deserves a shot at happiness. She’s not looking forward to spending the holidays alone, and he’s there to make the time more bearable. But neither one may be able to walk away from the other at the end of the night.
Ella’s looking forward to the long break from work during the Christmas holiday, but she’s not so happy about spending the time alone. That doesn’t mean she’ll check her caution at the door, when a gorgeous stranger offers his ear in return for her company at dinner on Christmas Eve. Still, something about him draws her out of her shell, and she can’t help but wonder if their meeting is more than chance.

Josh loves being a cupid—offering comfort to lonely souls and sharing a little holiday joy. Seeing people smile is his favorite part of the job. Ella should just be another assignment, but something about her smile and sad gaze draws him in and holds his attention captive.

Will one night be enough time together for Ella and Josh, or will he risk his real fate, and second chance at life, for the compelling woman with the sad blue eyes?

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